Becoming a Personal Trainer is more than just a job which is why, at PT Skills, we offer more than just training - more than just a course!

We believe that in the gym as in life, teamwork is everything and our team at PT Skills have the knowledge, skill and industry experience to help our students to succeed.

Aim Higher is our motto and one we live and train by. Our vocational education for the fitness industry is designed to help turn passions into careers and we ensure that all of our students have the right tools for the job.

Our commitment is to educate, guide and support, and our tailor-made courses offer students the opportunity to study with like-minded people for continued motivation and support to help them not just to succeed but to thrive.

As students work toward their qualification, we uphold our Academy Values by offering bespoke learning opportunities that build; social, emotional and leadership skills through; group lectures, seminars and tutorials and remote support systems including Skype, email and telephone contact.

Our qualifications are designed for practical application of knowledge and provide flexible study options that will ensure you complete your studies in a way that works for you. If you succeed, we succeed, and we delight in the phenomenal number of our students who go on to successful careers in the fitness industry.

Our People are unique and encompass diversity in every aspect of teaching.
Our People continually improve their teaching and assessing skills to aim higher.
Our people have fun teaching and assessing, sharing passion for fitness, creating an enjoyable learning experience.
Our people embrace teamwork to improve our teaching and learning experiences. Together Everyone Achieves More.
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